With fully glazed ultra-transparent façades offering 360-degree panoramic views of Cork City Centre, the Docklands and the River Lee, local Architects Reddy Architecture + Urbanism, used the iconic Flatiron Building on New York’s Fifth Avenue as one of the inspirations for The Prism design.

The floor to ceiling super clear vision glass provides an optimum combination of very high light transparency with low-reflectivity, solar protection and thermal insulation for a pleasant ambient indoor climate throughout the year. The glass walls will be complimented with a textured stainless-steel element, adding to the ‘crystalline’ effect of the overall building.

“Through the height and shape of the building, our goal is to produce an iconic piece of architecture that has a sense of bravura in the use of cantilevers and curved high-tech glass that we believe will be an attractive and iconic addition to Cork City’s projected growing skyline.”

Sean Kearns, Reddy Architecture + Urbanism